Endurica EIE™ – Efficient Interpolation Engine for Fatigue Analaysis – is the fast way to convert single or multichannel load-displacement history into stress-strain history for a nonlinear elastic finite element model. EIE integrates fully with Endurica CL and fe-safe/Rubber. Endurica EIE™ is sold and supported directly by Endurica LLC, the developer.

Patented Solution to a Key Problem

Prior to Endurica EIE™ it was impossible to do fatigue analysis on full load histories because the finite element simulation took days or weeks to compute.  EIE speeds the calculation completion from days to seconds. EIE uses Endurica’s patented method to generate a minimal series of finite element jobs that together provide a map of the operating load space for the application.  Once the map is generated, it can be used over and over to rapidly compute variable amplitude load histories.


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