Durability Analysis of Tires at High Speed

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Endurica CL - Fatigue Analysis Software

“High speed durability is as much or more about thermal effects, standing waves and damage accrual
as it is about energy release rate calculations.”


Our solutions put engineers around the globe
in control of durability issues early in the development cycle,
when the greatest opportunities exist to influence performance,
and before investing in costly testing of prototypes.

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Reliable Design of Rubber Components

Fatigue issues challenge many product development teams. There are many factors that govern fatigue behavior, tensions between conflicting business imperatives, plus real risks, and high costs. Endurica’s production-ready workflows for mastering rubber durability are used throughout the world by leading firms in many business sectors. Endurica CL is the original and only commercial fatigue simulation application that accurately predicts elastomer durability.

Endurica software solutions in use throughout the world to get durability right in rubber and elastomers



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