Release #2021-0101
The full cadre of solutions, Endurica CL, DT, and EIE are now available for the Linux operating system. We’ve opened the Window to empower more firms to integrate our proven solutions to Get Durability Right.

Release #2020-1001

Ageing Simulation for Elastomers

The October 2020 release of Endurica’s durability simulation software features a new capability to define ageing behavior for a material, and to calculate the effects of heat exposure history on part durability“This is a feature that was developed and validated over the last few years in partnership with one of our Tier 1 automotive OEM users,” notes company founder and president Dr. Will Mars. “It has been used extensively for an application where long-term exposure to high temperatures was leading to early part failures.”

The new ageing feature lets users define tabular master curves that define the evolution of key material properties such as stiffness, critical tearing energy, and intrinsic strength (ie fatigue threshold).  The simulation uses the Arrhenius law to calculate relative ageing rate as a function of temperature, and it then integrates to find equivalent exposure time for each element in the finite element model.  The simulation captures time-dependent changes in the fatigue crack growth rate law.  It can also be coupled to a finite element solver to update stress and strain fields during the solution.  Two new outputs for each element are included with the ageing feature: age-equivalent time, and age-influenced stiffness.  As always, the fatigue life distribution can also be output to determine the shortest-lived element.

The new release also includes a file encryption feature that allows users to share all or part of the simulation input without giving away details like material properties or specific load cases.  It also includes a binary-formatted input file that can speed up read/write time by a factor of 8, as well as improvements to the EIE interpolation engine.

Release #2020-0309

Endurica 2020 Durability Analysis Software Release (March 2020)

 New analysis features, improved user experience, and execution speed improvements

Our 2020 Software Release will delight users by providing updates to all of Endurica’s software products (CL, DT, and EIE).  It includes new analysis and visualization capabilities, as well as execution speed enhancements.

The release includes a new tool, the Endurica Viewer. Endurica Viewer is now provided with the Endurica CLTM license.  It provides a graphical, interactive visualization of analysis results, making it easier to diagnose and optimize fatigue performance.

Endurica CLTM also features new tools for dealing with lengthy load signals.  New capabilities include a signal defeaturing tool for removing non-damaging load history segments from further analysis, and a new binary file format that reduces file size and read time.  Also, interfaces to the latest releases of the popular finite element codes Abaqus, Ansys and MSC/Marc are included.

The Endurica DTTM solver now features a new damage extrapolation capability.  After accumulating damage from all load cases in a block cycle schedule, the extrapolation feature calculates the number repeats of the entire schedule that can be endured.

The Endurica EIETM nonlinear load mapping tool now also supports multi-threading and the binary file format.  In one benchmark, it gave a speed advantage of more than 10000 times over the direct finite element solution method.

“We are continuing to invest strongly in the Endurica tools,” notes Endurica founder, Will Mars, Ph.D., P.E. “Our user base has been expanding to include a wider range of user background and experience. So our workflows have evolved towards greater simplicity, greater interactivity and greater flexibility.  At the same time, our most experienced users are running jobs with growing scope and complexity.  Our 2020 release is our most polished and capable yet, and it will delight the users.  Expect to see full road loads being used to design rubber parts on a routine basis.  Expect to see more product development programs that get durability right the first time.  Expect to see more light weighting and sustainable materials programs completed successfully.”

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