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Viscoelastic Effects in Elastomers and Impact on Durability – an Endurica Master Training Course

Do you want to better understand the dynamic mechanical data generated by your rubber lab? This one-day course will clarify the reasons for the various temperature, frequency, and strain sweeps that are used in dynamic testing of elastomers (especially filled rubber) and discuss the impact of the viscoelastic behavior on heat build-up and durability of rubber products. This specialized training will benefit materials engineers, compounders, rubber chemists, product development engineers, R&D scientists, and rubber lab managers at manufacturers of tires and rubber parts and companies that supply raw materials. 

Course Objectives

  • Know the key viscoelastic signatures of rubber and how to characterize with testing
  • Learn about self-heating (heat build-up) in elastomers
  • Understand how strength and fatigue lifetime are affected by viscoelastic dissipation (hysteresis) and temperature


This one-day course includes lectures and classroom exercises focused on understanding viscoelasticity and its impact on strength and fatigue of rubber materials. Lunch and snacks are included. 


Day 1: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

  • Overview of viscoelasticity and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
  • Key viscoelastic signatures of elastomers and how to effectively characterize with dynamic testing
    • Glass-to-rubber softening transition
    • Time (frequency)-temperature superposition
    • Payne effect
    • Mullins effect
  • Viscoelastic self-heating (heat build-up) and blow-out
  • Predicting temperature rises in rubber applications from energy dissipation/hysteresis
  • Effects of hysteresis and temperature on elastomer durability

May 12, 2020 – Crystal Glen Office Center, Novi, Michigan – USA  Register Online

Need to print a copy for your company to process?   Agenda and Registration.pdf 


Dr. Chris Robertson is an international authority on polymer science and rubber compounding for performance. He brings over 15 years of materials research and product development experience at tire and rubber companies and raw materials suppliers.  Chris is co-inventor of 32 patents, co-author of 55 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and serves as Associate Editor of Rubber Chemistry & Technology.


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