The right know-how, applied at the right time, can make all the difference to your project’s success. Endurica’s expertise and technology portfolio can be quickly and confidently engaged by our fatigue specialists to solve your issues. Let Endurica bring our world leading capabilities and services to your project.

Endurica has served leading companies in many sectors: automotive, defense, medical devices, offshore, and consumer products.

Automotive OEMCV boot for automotive OEM

For an automotive parts supplier bidding on new OEM business, Endurica completed a fatigue analysis of the proposed design in operation, enabling the client to demonstrate the durability of their design to the OEM.

Offshore Energy

For a marine customer with wave-induced loads and a tight design deadline, Endurica characterized the client’s material, completed FEA and fatigue analysis of design options, and recommended a solution capable of safe operation for a given target life.

Tractor Fatigue

For an agricultural systems developer, Endurica investigated a case of cracks developing in early product returns from the field. Our analysis was able to diagnose the cause of the cracking and provided insights the developer used to correct the issue.

Structural Vibration Isolation System

For a civil engineering firm, Endurica developed a fatigue qualification test and analysis for justifying the target operating life of an elastomeric structural vibration isolation system.


The Endurica difference…

100% FOCUS ON ELASTOMERS AND DURABILITY We specialize in material modeling, testing, simulation, crack nucleation and fracture mechanical approaches.

LEADING TECHNOLOGY We wrote the Endurica CL™ and fe-safe/Rubber™ fatigue life solvers, and developed the experimental specs for the Fatigue Property Mapping™ testing service. We can fully leverage its capabilities for your project.

DEEP EXPERIENCE With over 30 years combined experience, the Endurica team brings strong value to projects that call for our specialist capabilities.

FLEXIBLE SCOPE Endurica has experience with project scopes that range from 1 day to several years.

LEGAL SENSITIVITY Durability studies frequently center on sensitive intellectual property and liability concerns. Endurica routinely works under a customer’s non-disclosure agreement, and we are proud to present our solutions in a professional manner that inspires confidence.

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