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What is a Fatigue Ninja?An Endurica Fatigue Ninja

The #FatigueNinja hashtag began on Twitter as a “shout out” to our users. Elastomer durability is a strategic competence that needs to be handled with ninja-like focus, discipline, and skill. We equip our fatigue ninjas with the tools, workflows, and knowledge to rapidly solve durability issues. Hundreds of our fatigue ninjas are now conquering durability issues for their teams.

Fatigue Ninja Friday

In 2020, Endurica kicked off our monthly Fatigue Ninja Friday (FNF) training series.  Each session lasts an hour and offers a focused, deep dive into the workflow and best practices for a specific application.  Our goal is to get your team quickly up to speed so they can compete and win on durability.

Just the right training, Just the right time! An overview of the Endurica Academy, with examples of current content within the academy

Originally only available by invitation, recordings of all past FNF sessions are now available to the public at the Fatigue Ninja Academy. Purchase just the individual sessions that you need, or subscribe to the full set of recordings to receive discounted anytime access and ongoing updates as new sessions are added.  Learn more

Looking for Live Training Workshops? 

Endurica’s professionals can provide training for your location anywhere in the world. We offer both in-person and live, online workshops. Check out upcoming events here. To schedule a private workshop, contact us by phone at 419-957-0543 or via email at info@endurica.com.

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