Test Fatigue Performance in your own lab using Endurica protocols running on Coesfeld instruments. Our partnership with instrument producer Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG offers you proven, fully supported testing systems that are specialized for engineering analysis of elastomer durability. Our goal is to bring you the methods and instruments that you need to get durability right.


Intrinsic Strength Analyzer_dsc0391-rework1

  • Measures cutting forces on an instrumented blade of controlled sharpness
  • Indicates the threshold fracture mechanical strength of a polymer network (i.e. the mechanical fatigue threshold)
  • Based on the Lake and Yeoh procedure


Tear & Fatigue Analyzer04_315_09

  • Measures crack growth under dynamic loading cycles
  • Produces the crack growth rate curve as a function of applied tearing energy
  • Produces parameters for describing effects of strain-crystallization on crack growth
  • Includes protocols for both fully relaxing (R=0) and nonrelaxing (R>0) conditions




  • Protocols that maximize operational exposure and measurement production while fully respecting test time budget
  • High test reliability via built-in quality control and noise minimization strategies
  • Full compatibility with modern durability simulation codes Endurica CL™ and fe-safe/Rubber™
  • Easy-to-use, works-every-time test setup – take the guess-work out of specifying test conditions
  • Intuitive operation. Automated control, data acquisition and reporting
  • Fully supported by the world’s leading experts in elastomer durability and in testing instrumentation for the rubber industry
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