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Rubber product durability can be leveraged to create strategic value and competitive advantage for your firm. Endurica’s Winning on Durability webinars help you make this happen.

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Since 2008, Endurica has improved rubber product design by helping companies understand and engage scientific principles in determining how long their rubber products will last. Endurica helps you Get Durability Right through Rubber Fatigue Analysis Software, Testing Instruments, Material Characterization, Consulting Services, and Training. In 2020, six of the world’s top 12 rubber products companies use Endurica solutions and are Winning on Durability.

WoD 1 – What Tests Should You Run to Predict Elastomer Fatigue?
Our most popular webinar to date!
Fatigue analysis of elastomers is famously tricky but it doesn’t have to be. Join Endurica founder Dr. Will Mars and Axel Physical Testing Services founder Kurt Miller for a guided tour of how to get experiments and simulations working together to accurately predict fatigue life.

The testing protocols needed to systematically obtain engineering parameters that govern fatigue failure are explored. Then you watch these parameters being entered into Endurica’s durability simulation software, including Endurica CL and fe-safe/rubber so you can see how rubber parts endure under realistic operating conditions.

Lab managers, compounders, product development engineers, company executives and all involved in the development of rubber products appreciate this in-depth look at the combination of testing systems and software solutions. See how providing your people with the right information will help you move your entire operation forward.

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WoD 2 – Business Strategies for Winning on Durability
You make great products – see how Endurica’s solutions help you gain market share
Endurica’s founder Dr. Will Mars explores how rubber product durability can be leveraged to create strategic value and competitive advantage in this presentation. Dr. Mars covers a range of examples showing how understanding durability can enhance your business by:
• boosting rubber part sales
• decreasing development risks and costs
• driving shorter product development timelines
• addressing warranty issues
• being monetized in digital twin applications
• creating opportunities for weight and sustainability optimization
Endurica helps companies to Get Durability Right and win big. Check out how it works by watching this presentation.

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WoD 3 – Getting a Quick Read on Durability with the Intrinsic Strength Analyser
A one-hour test on a benchtop instrument for the rubber lab screens materials for long-term fatigue performance.
Endurica’s materials expert, Dr. Christopher Robertson, explains the commercialization of a classical elastomer characterization methodology that is used for materials development and monitoring mixing quality in the plant.

Endurica helps companies to Get Durability Right and win big. We look forward to showing you how the Intrinsic Strength Analyzer can help your firm gain a strategic advantage.

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WoD 4 – Leveraging the Endurica Advantage in Business Development
Are you responsible for selling your organization’s ability to deliver durability to a client? This webinar is for you.
Endurica’s founder, Dr. Will Mars, shows how Endurica puts you in a position to confidently address your customer’s durability specs early in the process of developing a business proposal. He covers why the Endurica system has become the world’s most trusted system for managing fatigue issues in elastomer parts. By the end of this presentation you will have the talking points needed to defend your company’s competitive position. Endurica helps companies to Get Durability Right and win big. We look forward to helping you gain more business for YOUR firm! WoD4 Link

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WoD 5 – Why Wohler Curves are a Losing Bet
There is a better way and we’re excited to share it with you.
Wohler curves are traditional and popular for metal fatigue, but what about soft materials like rubber? Are Wohler curves conservative? Economical? Useful? Is there an alternative? This session covers the pros and cons of Wohler curves and their competition

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