Endurica Companion for Rubber Compound DecisionEndurica Companion™ is the standalone web app that makes it easy to find the right rubber compound to ensure durability in your application.  

How it Works

Specify any two materials by enteringOverview of the main dashboard of the companion app

  • modulus
  • intrinsic strength
  • crack growth rate properties
  • crack precursor size

Then specify your application by entering

1. The mode of deformation

  • simple
  • planar or biaxial tension/compression
  • or simple shear

2. The maximum and minimum limits of the dynamic loading cycle

3. The mode of control

  • strain control
  • energy control
  • stress control

4. and the temperature.

Get Powerful Results 

  • Companion uses Endurica’s Critical Plane Analysis to rank your compounds for fatigue performance in your specific application.
  • Companion provides plots showing your materials’:
    • stress-strain behavior
    • crack growth behavior
    • sensitivity to crack precursor size
    • strain-life / Haigh diagram
    • and crack orientation.
  • Companion helps you Get Durability Right.

Get started with Companion for FREE at

You can immediately add your own materials to reap the benefits of Companion’s analytical prowess, making it effective for you.


Our mission with Companion is to provide materials professionals with the benefits of the tools and language your product designers are using but without the intense simulation and FEA requirements. Together, we’ll break down the silos between the material world and the design space.

Download printable information on Companion

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