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Vowing “No Shave ’til Ph.D.” William V. Mars, immerses himself in groundbreaking work on elastomeric durability and completes his PhD thesis entitled Multi-Axial Fatigue of Rubber at The University of Toledo.


Patent on Critical Plane Algorithm awarded to Dr. Mars while employed at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Will Mars Advances Predictions of Tire Durability The Courier 2001


Will Mars files legal paperwork and incorporates Endurica LLC in February, 2008.


Endurica provides training in rubber durability.


Endurica earns Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to increase the efficiency of U.S. Army materials testing processes.

First Fatigue Property Mapping course with Axel Products


SBIR Phase 2 begins and runs through September 2014


Endurica partners with Safe Technology to launch fe-safe/Rubber.


Endurica and Axel partner to launch Threshold Test.


Endurica becomes the Americas supplier of testing instruments from Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG.

Steady State rolling feature added for tires


Caterpillar publishes results of their work with Endurica methods

Endurica EIE released


Endurica celebrates 10 years in business


Endurica reaches milestone of 500 trained Fatigue Ninjas across the world.


In response to COVID19, Endurica provides virtual training through Fatigue Ninja Friday webinars, Winning on Durability webinars and LIVE, online classes.


Endurica named Tibbetts Award winner by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) for accomplishments in creating cutting-edge technologies.

Endurica LLC was founded in 2008 to provide services, technology, and training that accelerate reliable design for elastomer materials and components. We use the Endurica fatigue life prediction code – a patented system for analyzing the effects of multiaxial, variable amplitude duty cycles on elastomers. Endurica is the world’s first code for elastomer fatigue life simulation. We strive to make CAE-based fatigue life prediction for rubber as widely practiced and as well-understood as fatigue life prediction for other materials by empowering materials, component, and system developers with reliable methods and tools for assessing fatigue life. Our solutions help our clients understand and manage the effects on fatigue life of nonlinear material behavior, component geometry, and complex duty cycles. Endurica has served leading companies in the automotive, defense, medical device, offshore, and consumer products.

Endurica SBIR-STTR Success Story

The Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982 (SBIR) was established to strengthen the role of innovative small business concerns in Federally-funded research and development (R&D). In October 2017, Endurica was recognized as one of the SBIR programs success stories“Prior to Endurica, fatigue testing for rubber parts on vehicles including tires was done the old-fashioned way. Something was built, then it was tested until it was destroyed. The Army, wanting software that could test their materials via a more efficient process, put out an SBIR solicitation to find the solution. Dr. William Mars of Endurica, who had previously written his Ph.D. thesis on the fatigue of rubber, knew this project was right up his alley. He soon developed the Endurica CLTM fatigue solver, and the implications have gone far beyond the government sector, setting new standards in the automotive industry. The introduction of Endurica’s fatigue solver and the corresponding testing methodology (Fatigue Property MappingTM), allows the entire rubber industry to use advanced fatigue analysis and greatly improve their products. Before, the companies were bound by the expensive build/test/re-design cycle. Tenneco Inc., an $8.6 billion global manufacturing company and provider of quieter and safer transportation, today uses the Endurica fatigue solver for its fatigue estimates for many of the major car manufacturers in America. Other adopters include GM and Caterpillar. The solver has also been integrated with Simulia’s fe-safe metal fatigue code, and is available as fe-safe/RubberTM.  Fe-safe/Rubber is sold and supported globally by Endurica’s partner, Dassault Systemes. Endurica continues to license its technology to the U.S. Army. In addition to government and the automotive industry, Endurica serves customers in the heavy equipment, offshore, medical devices, and consumer products sector. Today, the company employs six full-time workers.” Download the SBIR Endurica Case Study here: SBA_SuccessStories_Endurica


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