Rubber Industry Leaders

Endurica’s solutions are helping many industry-leading firms to get products to market faster, with a greater understanding of the factors influencing durability. Our team members are the original Fatigue Ninjas and they enjoy sharing their superpowers to help you answer “What is the durability of rubber?” as they revolutionize how rubber products are designed and tested. 

Will Mars (far right) is the founder of Endurica, is a Registered Engineer, and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in addition to being an international authority on the failure mechanics of rubber.

Joe Suter (second from left) is our Financial Manager and he keeps all of the business details in order for Endurica.

Mark Bauman (second from right) is Endurica’s Engineering Analyst providing Fatigue Property Mapping testing and CAE services. Mark has over a decade of experience in product design and simulation. He is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering program at Purdue University Northwest.

Jesse Suter (farthest left) is Endurica’s Development Manager and is responsible for software development at Endurica. He is the architect of Endurica’s Katana release which takes advantage of multi-threading and speeds code execution. Jesse earned his Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame.  

Abdullah Amin, Ph. D. - Project Engineer

Endurica Welcomes Ethan Steiner to our Team

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