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Reliable Design of Rubber Components

Fatigue issues can challenge any product development team. There are many factors that govern fatigue behavior, tensions between conflicting business imperatives, plus real risks, and high costs. Endurica’s training will enlighten you on the principles and practices that govern fatigue failure in rubber, and on best practices for testing, design, and analysis. Position your company to navigate durability issues like a pro!

Making the Right Calls

To assure your product’s durability is easier when your team understands the principles that govern fatigue failure and knows their options. Endurica’s training brings you up-to-speed quickly. We offer public events and webinars, as well as private training for your team. Check out the courses by clicking on the boxes or links below. For private training please contact Chris Robertson with your durability challenge – by phone at 419-957-0543 or via email at

Master Classes Summaries

Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Button

Our most requested course! Learn the essential principles and practices of material characterization for fatigue life prediction, and strategies and procedures for planning effective fatigue test programs as well as making effective use of crack nucleation and fracture mechanics tools. LEARN MORE



Wield Endurica software to virtually evaluate fatigue performance and solve design issues at the concept stage. LEARN MORE



Are you challenged to make your rubber products last longer? Rubber durability is impacted by the many and varied ingredients, their interactions, and the mixing quality. Gain Fatigue Ninja compounding strategies to improve the strength and lifetime of rubber components. LEARN MORE


Understand the dynamic mechanical data generated by your rubber lab. This Fatigue Ninja master course clarifies why the various temperature, frequency, and strain sweeps are used in testing elastomers and discusses effects of viscoelastic behavior on heat build-up and durability of rubber products. LEARN MORE

Training is Available at YOUR Site

Endurica’s professionals can provide customized training at your location anywhere in the world. Contact Chris Robertson with your durability challenge – by phone at 419-957-0543 or via email at

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