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Our solutions put engineers in control of rubber durability issues early in the development cycle, when the greatest opportunities exist to influence performance, and before investing in costly testing of prototypes. Endurica is the world’s best-validated fatigue life simulation system for elastomers and our workflow gets rubber products to market faster. 

Endurica serves leading companies in many sectors including aerospace/defense, automotive, chemicals, civil engineering, consumer products, education/research, energy, healthcare/medical devices, high technology, industrial manufacturing, offshore, raw materials suppliers, retail, and tires. We help you Get Durability Right through elastomer fatigue analysis education, testing equipment, materials characterization, consulting services, training, and FEA modeling. Put Endurica’s patented fatigue life analysis technology to work on your project. 

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Winning on Durability, Capabilities and limits: What to Expect from Durability Simulation

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6 of the top 9 Global Rubber product producers are using Endurica’s solutions in their applications

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