WoD 12 - Cyclic Softening and Ageing of Elastomers: Cosimulation with Ansys

Combining Ansys technologies and Endurica's solutions empowers the understanding rubber durability issues early in the development cycle, when the greatest opportunities exist to influence performance through design optimization, and before investing in costly testing of prototypes.

This webinar explores the 2022 expanded integration within Ansys and Endurica’s elastomer durability fatigue analysis software, including:

  • Mode of control effects:
    • load
    • energy control
    • displacement
  • Evolving material properties
  • Stress and strain fields

Endurica’s analysis for cyclic softening enables you to do:

  • displacement control
  • force control
  • stiffness-evolution-based problems

saving your company time, materials, and resources.

You will also see examples of Endurica’s ability to extend the abilities of Ansys Workbench to simulate the effects of

  • heat exposures
  • time-dependent aging

of the evolution of the stiffness and fatigue properties of rubber and elastomers. 

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