Endurica DT Software LogoEndurica DT is our incremental solver and is an add-on to Endurica CL. Give DT a series of load cases and it updates you on the remaining life of your rubber part. DT simulates how rubber changes over time.  


  • Realistic use cases. Match the load cases and schedule for simulation with what your part experiences during product durability testing
  • Realistic material behavior. Account for load and material property evolution with time
  • Realistic end-of-life criterion. Simulate stiffness-based end of life criteria (ie end of life at a percentage of component stiffness loss)


  • DT analyzes damage over a series of load cases that you specify (examples: block cycle schedule, FMVSS multi-step tire testing, histogram bins)
  • DT tracks damage state evolution in terms of cycles applied, crack size, maximum-ever strain energy density, equivalent ageing time, and cyclic softening
  • DT calculates residual life / residual strength at the end of each scheduled load case
  • DT offers co-simulation workflows for ageing and cyclic stiffness loss analyses in which the stress-strain solution are updated due to material property evolution
  • DT offers a Digital Twin capability for structural health monitoring applications

Technical Notes

  • Compatible FEA solvers: Abaqus, Ansys, MSC/Marc
  • OS:  Windows or Linux
  • Licensing: node-locked and network shared, lease, and perpetual
  • Multi-Threading: two (2) threads are included with a network license
    Additional threads are available to further speed job execution

See the Endurica DT workflow in action, determining rubber ageing and fatigue (7 minutes)

Download information on Endurica DT by clicking on the blue highlighted text. Additional details can be found  in this side-by-side comparison of Endurica’s software solutions to help you Get Durability Right – download as .pdf by following this link: Compare Endurica Solutions

Wondering which solution will work best for your needs? Talk to our experts at 1-419-957-0543 or email info@endurica.com

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