The Endurica Digital Twin (DT) Interface is a newly available option for Endurica CL, the industry-leading solution for rubber fatigue analysis.  

Endurica DT™ enables you to analyze fatigue performance of your model within all major nonlinear finite element codes: Abaqus, ANSYS and MSC/MARC

Endurica DT™ includes features for:

    • Computing damage from a schedule or histogram with multiple load cases.
    • Stopping and restarting an analysis with incremental load history updates to obtain residual life and virtual damage state for Digital Twin applications.
    • In 2019 Endurica DT gained stiffness loss capability (note videos below)
      • Incremental formulation fatigue solver
      • Stop and restart fatigue analysis to recreate your exact duty cycle
      • Accumulate damage across multiple load cases
      • Compute residual life
      • Use co-simulation to compute stiffness loss

The Endurica DT incremental fatigue solver enables you to accumulate damage from many load cases. This demo shows the workflow for an elastomeric transmission mount with 4 distinct load cases, and shows how to compute damage in terms of residual fatigue life. The road load histories for each case here are computed via Endurica EIE’s nonlinear case vector mapping scheme for computational efficiency.

Endurica DT features a co-simulation mode that lets you account for stiffness changes that may occur due to fatigue damage occurring under cyclic loading. Co-simulation mode iterates between the FE solver and the Endurica fatigue solver. This example shows why force-controlled tests tend to be more damaging than displacement controlled tests.

New User Testimonial on Cyclic Softening feature in Endurica DT:

I took some time for starting the demo from the beginning. I have solved it without any trouble. Easy to do!! Great job!!.

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