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Endurica CL™ is our original solver for elastomer fatigue analysis. Give CL a finite element simulation of your loading history, specify your material(s), then CL computes the fatigue life of your rubber part. 


  • Calculate fatigue life and failure location on your part
  • Diagnose and resolve material, geometry, and loading issues to get durability right
  • Mobilize quickly with ready-to-use workflows that give you the edge
  • Scope analyses to fit your aim and budget with support for both “draft quality” and “high accuracy” simulations


  • CL offers the right material models for capturing your elastomer’s behavior.
    • Nonlinear hyperelastic stress-strain behavior, Mullins effect, and cyclic softening
    • Rate laws for both cycle- and time-dependent crack growth, including threshold effects and ozone attack
    • R-ratio effects for both strain crystallizing and amorphous materials
    • Temperature and ageing dependence of material properties
    • Viscoelastic dissipation
  • CL offers accurate accounting of damage accrual under multiaxial, variable amplitude loading history.
    • Crack precursor growth tracking based on Fracture Mechanics
    • Critical Plane Analysis checks every potential crack orientation and location to find the true worst case
    • Rainflow Counting on history of the critical plane
    • Reports fatigue life as repeats of the given history
  • CL includes pre/post interfaces for compatible finite element codes: Abaqus, Ansys, MSC/Marc
  • CL includes special features for tire simulation: support for steady-state rolling and periodic results transfer
  • The included Endurica Viewer provides interactive visualizations of key analysis results (see video below)
    • Plots material behavior including stress-strain, crack growth, Haigh diagram, and more
    • Damage sphere and critical plane visualization
    • History of loading on critical plane Crack open/close state
    • Identification and ranking of loading events

Technical Notes

  • Compatible FEA solvers: Abaqus, Ansys, MSC/Marc
  • OS:  Windows or Linux
  • Licensing: node-locked and network shared, lease, and perpetual
  • Multi-Threading: two (2) threads are included with a network license
    Additional threads are available to further speed job execution

The Endurica Viewer

See how the Endurica viewer fits into the durability analysis workflow for a tire, including viewing verification results for the specified materials, calibrating crack precursor size, and visualizing critical plane history (with the crack open/close state) and orientation. (Video run time: 5 minutes)

Open a .pdf file to print an overview of EnduricaCL  by clicking on the blue highlighted text. Additional details can be found in this side-by-side comparison of Endurica’s software solutions to help you Get Durability Right – download as .pdf by following this link: Compare Endurica Solutions

Wondering which solution will work best for your needs? Talk to our experts at 1-419-957-0543 or email info@endurica.com

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