WoD 13 – Capabilities and Limits: What to Expect from Durability Simulation

Simulation has taken the world by storm. But can it deliver on durability prediction in elastomer applications? Cut through the hype and join us for a frank look at the capabilities and limits of fatigue solver technology.

The frontiers explored in this webinar include:

  • Which analysis tasks can be accomplished reliably, and which remain out of reach?
  • What is the validation case and typical accuracy of a durability simulation?
  • What are the computational requirements for achieving a high degree of realism?
  • What level of computational performance can be expected?
  • What preparation is required for simulation users to be successful?

Our presenter is Endurica’s founder and president, Dr. Will Mars. An international leader in the failure mechanics of rubber and elastomers, Dr. Mars has received numerous awards for his scientific contributions, is the author or co-author of 50+ peer-reviewed publications and holds four patents. His expertise spans what he calls the “special effects” of rubber and elastomers in material characterization, product evaluation, constitutive modeling, crack nucleation, fracture mechanics, and fatigue life prediction methods.

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