WoD 17 - Rubber Fatigue DOES NOT EQUAL Metal Fatigue: When Linear Superposition Fails

Fatigue analysis for rubber differs from that for metals in many ways. This webinar discusses nonlinearity, specifically the nonlinear relationship between applied load inputs and the resulting stress/strain responses.

Elastomers in applications exhibit many nonlinearities.  These include:

  • Constitutive behavior
  • Finite strains
  • Contact

The consequence is that linear superposition, which is widely used in metal fatigue analysis to scale and combine unit load case finite element solutions, does not work for rubber. This webinar shows how Endurica’s Efficient Interpolation Engine (EIE) handles the nonlinearities so that you can get durability right. Be sure to enjoy the Q & A near the end of the webinar.

Our presenter is Endurica’s founder and president, Dr. Will Mars. 

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