WoD 18 - Get Big Jobs Done Fast: Endurica at Scale

Learn how to take advantage of high-performance computing. Whether you run in the cloud, or on your own hardware, you can run your jobs faster when running in parallel. Watch this webinar to explore the world of high-performance computing, see what you can do to embrace the technology and get your big jobs to run fast with Endurica at scale.

Exa-scale computing is now a reality. The Frontier computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratories is able to compute at 10^18 (that’s 10 with 18 zeros) floating point operations per second and solve the largest simulations the world has to offer.

Take advantage of high-performance computing to speed up your big jobs with Endurica workflows. Endurica’s software architecture provides the ability to run multiple threads and many jobs in parallel. When using Endurica EIE, multiple FEA jobs are required to span the space of envisioned loading and these can all be run in parallel. Add to that the ability to run Endurica across multiple threads and you can be shredding your execution times and delivering results that matter much more quickly.

Presenters include:

  • Jesse Suter – Development Manager, Endurica
  • Jason Barr – Simulia Industry Consultant 
  • Dr. Will Mars – President/Founder, Endurica
  • Dr. Tom Ebbott – Vice President, Endurica 
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