WoD 15 - Rubber Fatigue DOES NOT EQUAL Metal Fatigue

Increasing mean strain improves fatigue life?!?

There are many ways that the fatigue behavior of rubber differs from that of metals. This presentation covers one of the most astonishing differences: the tendency of larger mean strains to significantly INCREASE the fatigue life of some rubbers! 

Find out:

  • How far can you push this counter-intuitive effect to gain a performance advantage in your applications? 
  • How can you accurately measure and anticipate the effect via testing and simulation? 
  • What are the physics governing the effect? 
  • Why is Critical Plane Analysis necessary to accurately predict fatigue life for large mean strains? 
  • What is the temperature dependence of the effect? 

Get answers to all of these questions and get ready to get durability right!  

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