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Blown out tireSuccess is riding on your compound. But how do you check durability? Don’t leave your compound’s fatigue behavior uncharted… Our characterization service offers the following test modules for probing each of the behaviors that govern your material’s fatigue performance.

Whether you seek higher durability, or lower cost without compromising durability, Endurica’s Fatigue Property Mapping™ service offers you a comprehensive inventory of the fatigue capabilities of your material. How do you check durability? Endurica’s Fatigue Property Mapping services. Get durability right in your development and analysis projects with our uniquely efficient, reliable, and physics-based testing protocols.


Do you need to determine which Testing Service is for you? View our Elastomer Fatigue Property Mapping – Testing Service Diagram

Fatigue Property Mapping, Know Your Material


Hyperelastic Module

Core Fatigue Module

Intrinsic Strength (>10^6 cycles) Module - Quantify endurance limits

Extended Life (>10^6 cycles) Module

Thermal Module

Nonrelaxing Module

Creep Module

Cyclic Softening Module

Reliability Module - Weibull statistics for strength and crack precursor size populations




    • Material parameters ready to use with simulation software: Abaqus, ANSYS, Marc, fe-safe/Rubber™ and Endurica CL™
    • Full support for both nucleation (ε-N) or (σ-N) and crack propagation (da/dN) analysis methods
    • Accurate and timely results via uniquely reliable and productive test strategies
  • Reduced risk and cost of development iterations when you take your material’s fatigue capabilities into account

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Endurica can help you demonstrate the Benefits of YOUR Raw Materials in Tire ApplicationsEndurica Combined Testing and Modeling Service

Simulation, combined with Endurica’s testing methods, provides the ability to realistically account for actual tire service conditions in a way that no other standard testing can.  Imagine the impact your team can make with finite element simulation results highlighting the benefits of your new additive, polymer, or filler. Click here for Combined Testing and Modeling Service details.

Endurica is the answer to How do you test the quality of rubber as well as How do you check durability? and What is the durability of rubber?


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