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Reliable Design of Rubber Components

Fatigue issues can challenge any product development team. There are many factors that govern fatigue behavior, tensions between conflicting business imperatives, plus real risks, and high costs. Endurica’s training will enlighten you on the principles and practices that govern fatigue failure in rubber, and on best practices for testing, design, and analysis. Position your company to navigate durability issues like a pro!

Making the Right Calls

To assure your product’s durability is easier when your team understands the principles that govern fatigue failure and knows their options. Endurica’s training brings you up-to-speed quickly. We offer public events and webinars, as well as private training for your team. Check out the courses by clicking on the boxes or links below. For private training please contact Chris Robertson with your durability challenge – by phone at 419-957-0543 or via email at

Engineers working with elastomers and rubber increasingly call on numerical simulation to solve design issues. Simulation provides a tried-and-true approach to evaluating design features before risking investment in physical evaluation. Endurica’s fatigue simulation software gives you the tools you need to analyze fatigue to get durability right, before you build and break.

Endurica’s fatigue solver shows how your design will endure in specific application scenarios.

Analyze fatigue performance of your Finite Element Model within all three major nonlinear finite element codes: Abaqus, ANSYS and MSC/MARC.


  • Save the costs of build and break experiments for well-qualified designs.
  • Quickly see how changes to material behavior, part geometry, or load history influence fatigue life.
  • Inform design decisions with a patented tool that has been continuously developed for more than a decade, and successfully validated against a wide range of benchmarks and real-world problems.
  • Find out where your part might develop a crack, how long it can be expected to endure, which events are damaging and which are harmless.
  • Communicate effectively about durability issues with realistic, physics-based presentation of simulation results.


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